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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to hold licenses to work here?

Every department is different, and some do require licenses for employment, such as our Home Office Principle Department, Compliance Department, Investment Products and Services Department and Legal Department. Not every position requires a license, however, and NEXT can even help you acquire licenses in certain cases.

What can I expect from the interview process?

Typically, our process includes two interviews. The first is conducted with your potential department manager to learn about your skill sets. The second is conducted with different department managers to assess how well you fit into our culture. Preserving a friendly, family-style atmosphere is important to us, so we are very thorough in our interview process to make sure new employees will feel at home.

Is there room to grow at NEXT?

Yes. Career opportunities here are diverse, ranging from operations to marketing, compliance to accounting and more. We encourage growth among our employees, and will help you build your skill set, create goals and accomplish milestones. When positions open across the company, we often open them to Home Office employees before the general public to help give our staff the chance to grow within NEXT.

We encourage long-term goal creation as well, and will help you reach stepping stones along your way to success. In certain circumstances, we will even contribute monetarily to help you acquire licenses in an effort to better yourself and qualify for upper-level positions.

How much paid time off is offered?

Paid Time Off (“PTO”) is dependent on the amount of time an employee has been with the company, and how many hours they work. Each employee begins with 15 vacation days a year, and this number increases the longer they stay at NEXT. Sick days are included in PTO time.

Where is your main office located?

Our main Home Office is located in Houston

Do you offer 401(k) and health benefits?

Yes. Our 401(k) benefits are accessible after 30 days of employment, and you are fully vested from day one. Additionally, medical benefits begin your first day of employment. Temporary employees are not eligible for 401(k) or medical benefits.

How do you help new employees fit into the culture at NEXT?

When you begin your first week as a NEXTonian, our Home Office staff will go the extra mile to make you feel welcome. We hold meet and greet breakfasts to introduce you to each department manager and our executive team who can explain more about the culture of NEXT and what you can expect from us. We also invite all employees to participate in company-wide sporting events after hours, such as softball, kickball and bowling in order to build relationships outside of the office.

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