5 Client Appreciation Events For Springtime

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Client events are a great chance to spend quality time with clients and learn more about them on a deeper level.Client events are a great chance to spend quality time with clients and learn more about them on a deeper level.

Client appreciation events have the potential to strengthen customer relationships and increase loyalty. These events are a way to say thank you for your business as well demonstrate the care you have for your customers. Consider hosting one of the following events that are perfect for the springtime and will leave a lasting impression of you and your practice.

A Day on the Golf Course

Nothing builds relationships better than some friendly competition. Invite your top clients to get active and enjoy spring’s breeze while hitting the green on a nicely manicured golf course. This game encourages comradery and creates a relaxing environment for you to talk about future business opportunities.

A Cooking Demonstration at a Local Restaurant

Cooking DemosLike you, clients like to feel appreciated. Doing something fun and original, such as a cooking class, provides your clients a unique experience that they will remember.

Spring is the perfect time to explore bright, flavorful ingredients. Therefore, research local restaurants to inquire about a cooking demonstration for you and a few of your favorite foodies.

Sport Outing

There are several exciting sports that occur during the spring such as basketball, baseball and soccer. Consider hosting an appreciation event at a live game to give your customers a thrill.

Sport outings are fun and appropriate for all ages, so you may want to extend the offer to your clients’ children and/or close family relatives as well.

Most cities have a professional sports team or are driving distance from one.  As a result, this could prove to be a simple, yet effective, customer event.

Wine Tasting

Wine TastingFor a refreshing appreciation event, consider a wine tasting or brewery tour. During the spring, many vineyards provide outdoor tours that are beautiful to walk through and rich in history. This type of day trip is perfect for creating a friendly environment with your clients while showing them a side of you that they may not see often.

Fishing Trip

Invite a small group of elite customers to take it easy on a morning fishing trip. This is a great chance to spend quality time with clients and learn more about them on a deeper level.

Keep customer appreciation events casual by limiting the amount of business talk, and focus on doing everything you can to make the experience an enjoyable one for all attendees.

These type of outings are key marketing tools to keep you top of mind when it comes to your area of expertise. While spending quality time with your clients, have a good time and keep business talk to a minimum.  Even if you aren’t actively discussing your practice, your company’s name will be at the forefront of their mind.

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