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A Simple Guide to Division Recruiting

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Division recruiting can help grow your business - are you using your broker-dealer's resources to help?Division recruiting can help grow your business - are you using your broker-dealer's resources to help?

Growing your division through recruiting can be time consuming, especially if the task is taken on alone. However, with the help of resources your broker-dealer can offer such as marketing and event support, highly-successful producers with an established book of business may not be out of reach.

Factors of Decision Making

When a prospect considers a new firm, compensation is not the only factor. There may be other variables that can sway their decision such as firm reputation, distance, professional tone, office space and other minor, but influential conveniences.

The first step in your recruiting journey is developing a blueprint. A solid plan of action does not have to be complicated, but it should clearly list your goals. A plan can help you pinpoint areas that may need improvement in case you suffer a setback or a delay. Based on your plan, your next step is to have your broker-dealer generate qualified leads from a refined database filtered to your criteria.

Once you have your list, there are different methods to reach your prospects. Some of the more popular options are listed below:

  • Direct Mail
  • Print Advertising
  • LinkedIn
  • Networking Workshops
  • Recruiting Events

Depending on your marketing budget, you may want to test more than one method and compare results.

How Your Broker-Dealer Can Help

No matter how in-depth your recruiting process is, your broker-dealer can help you every step of the way. They can help you verify FINRA history, credit reviews, product verification, book of business documentation and much more. Depending on the quality of your prospect, transition assistance may be available for you to use as a selling point.

Division recruiting is a great partnership that benefits both your organization and your broker-dealer. If you are interested in learning more about NEXT Financial Group Inc.’s Division Recruiting Program, please call (877) 876-6398, ext. 4953.

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