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Down, Set, Hut! The 2015 Season Sales Process Playbook

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Advisors could use our sales process playbook to refresh on how to keep up with client acquisition and retention solutions.Advisors could use our sales process playbook to refresh on how to keep up with client acquisition and retention solutions.

As we continue into October, it is no doubt that fall is upon us.  The minds of many may think of changing leaves, hayrides or pumpkin spice lattes when asked about autumn.  However, being a graduate from Louisiana State University and a diehard New Orleans Saints fan (hey, don’t judge—we did win the Super Bowl in 2009), my mind immediately goes to football.  To me, there is no better fall moment than sitting in Death Valley or the Super Dome getting ready to cheer on one of my teams.

Tonight, the Saints will take on the rivaled Atlanta Falcons, and on Saturday, I will travel to Baton Rouge to watch my Tigers play the Florida Gators. As I prepare for this week’s football festivities, I can’t help but think of how coaches and players both actively look to their playbooks for quick reminders of successful strategies.

Advisors could use sales process playbooks of their own to refresh on how to keep up with client acquisition and retention solutions. We’ve put together some basic plays below to help you get started creating your own playbook.

PLAY #1: Know Who You’re Drafting

200286963-001When acquiring new clients, it’s important to prep yourself on becoming their advisor.  During this planning phase of sales process, it is important that you qualify them as a customer and identify their goals.  This will help you see if they are a good fit for your firm and how you can best serve them.

PLAY #2: Play as a Team

playWhile your new client considers joining your roster, it’s important that you work as a team and keep them involved in what they can expect from your financial plans.  You can do this by listening and incorporating their needs into your proposed strategies and respecting their feedback when provided.  Remember, there may be an “I” in advisor, but there’s certainly no “I” in team or success for that matter.

PLAY #3: Put Your Game Face On

game faceOnce you have landed your new client, it’s game time!  Your client has put their faith in you to help their portfolios put some points on the board.  Make sure that you give 110% of your customer service and specialized skills to help make your proposals come to fruition.

PLAY #4: Keep Detailed Stat Reports

coachThe success of a team is only as good as their statistical reports.  Make sure you track the results of your plans and make adjustments when needed.  That way, you can look back and gauge the success of certain elements that may vary with differing financial climates.  This can also help when you follow-up with clients to ensure that your team remains on track toward getting a win at the end of the day.

There you have it! Four plays to help you start your own sales process playbook for this season.  We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these touchdown-worthy strategies to help elevate your “game,” and add your own plays that may be specific to your practice.

If you are interested in learning more about an advisor initiative that is dedicated to polishing your sales process skills, email for information about our ELITE Program.

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