Is Radio In Tune With Your Plan?

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Since the revolution of the Internet, radio seems to be an outdated form of media. However, radio is still powerful and relevant, and a terrific way to reach a target audience.Since the revolution of the Internet, radio seems to be an outdated form of media. However, radio is still powerful and relevant, and a terrific way to reach a target audience.

Evolved from a small town entertainment source to a nationwide branding jackpot, radio provides a worldwide stage to reach the masses.

Radio can be a highly effective marketing medium for independent advisors. It can familiarize a vast audience with your services and reach more potential prospects than hosting monthly seminars. The key to generating new prospects is to be accessible. Keep track of who your viewers are and what their wants and needs are. Keep a close eye on market trends and stay focused on the most important topics of the season. Provide factual information and invite relevant, entertaining guest speakers to bring fresh and enlightened insight to your show.

Radio advertising is not a low-cost marketing initiative, but it remains a bargain when compared to other forms of advertising. The key to an effective radio campaign is to be consistent and frequent. Having a radio campaign requires dedication, and you will need to be prepared for ongoing expenses. With some patience, frequency and consistency, you can be on your way to a successful radio campaign.

Marketable Tips to Promote Your Radio Show

  1. Become the local community expert in your field. Be the reliable source and get your name out there. Develop newsworthy stories and invite credible guest speakers. Be unique, and focus on financial aspects that affect your listeners on both a local and national level.
  2. Promote each show by utilizing NEXT Marketing’s Free Press Release Program to create and distribute press releases to the media.  Your release can include your biography and a current image of you or your associates so listeners can identify you and place a “face” to the name. Include a demo or YouTube video clip of you and your associates giving a brief synopsis of the upcoming broadcast to captivate listener’s interests.
  3. Form a team. Partner with another advisor or strategic alliance. This is a great way to share the costs affiliated with radio.
  4. Promote your radio show on social media by posting information to your compliance-approved social media channels.  This is also a good way to source other expert guests and community figureheads for upcoming interviews and connect with them to build your audience.
  5. Practice and prepare. Practice your radio presentation by hosting seminars or events, or attend a public speaking class to perfect your skills.
  6. Engage using Internet marketing. Promote your radio show by utilizing forums and bulletin boards to promote upcoming expert guest interviews. With the capability to stream live radio shows across the globe, the Internet has come to be one of the most effective ways to reach large audiences. It provides listeners the opportunity to email questions and have them answered during the broadcast.

*All radio show content must be submitted to NEXT Compliance Department for approval before the show can air.
*All social media use must be submitted to NEXT Compliance Department for approval.

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