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NEC Speaker Highlights

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Celebrate connections and learn from industry leaders at this year’s National Education Conference (“NEC”) in Las Vegas.Celebrate connections and learn from industry leaders at this year’s National Education Conference (“NEC”) in Las Vegas.

At NEXT Financial Group, Inc. (“NEXT”), we know that customer relationships are key for the success of your business. Therefore, we have invited Chuck Wachendorfer, Mike Perkins and Major General James “Spider” Marks to speak on innovative ways to engage with both current and potential customers as well as how to integrate the next generation of investors into your book of business.

Chuck Wachendorfer


Wachendorfer is the President of Distribution for Think2Perform who consults individuals and businesses on ways to reach their goals through developing superior leadership skills. With more than two-decades of experience, Wachendorfer directs entrepreneurs to success with marketing strategies that aim to target more audiences and attract new customers. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn new ways to generate customer leads with the help of an industry expert.

Mike Perkins, CIMA

mike perkinsMike Perkins of Voya Investment Management is known for his extensive work with financial professionals throughout the nation. With nearly 30 years of industry experience, Perkins has a wealth of knowledge that he uses to help business owners understand global financial markets. Perkins’ session will highlight the importance of reshaping marketing objectives to better engage with customers and their successors to facilitate their legacy.

Major General James “Spider” Marks

spider%20marksSince retiring from the military, where he attained the rank of Major General, Marks has been assisting companies to better connect and market to a particular demographic. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their business by expanding their market access and has led entrepreneurial efforts in education, energy and primary research. Marks will discuss the significance of a precision-built agenda in regards to mastering challenges to exceed expectations.

Each presentation will create an opportunity to gain insight from industry influencers on how to reach and secure future success. These are one of the many ways the 2015 NEC will provide learning opportunities to our advisors who are looking for new business building tools for their practice.

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