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Is time running out on your New Year's resolution?Is time running out on your New Year's resolution?

As the first month of 2015 comes to a close, now is the time we begin to reflect on the practicality of actually achieving our New Year’s resolutions. Almost 30 days ago, nearly half of Americans set goals and aspirations to make this year their year.  But why is it that only a mere 8 percent of these hopeful individuals will find success in achieving their resolutions?

Whether you are looking for an improvement in “lbs” or “AUM” for 2015, a resolution solution does exist.  Avoid falling victim to the same fate as those 92 percent of resolution deserters, and find accomplishment by simply setting a realistic goal with a plan behind it.

You might ask yourself, “What makes for a realistic goal for financial advisors?” Below you will find a few achievable resolutions to assist in proactively preparing your firm for the future with the time left in 2015:

Expand Your Practice

Do you ever find yourself wanting to increase efficiency in your office, or are you consistently seeking an extra set of hands to cater to clients? Look no further than resolving to expand your practice in 2015.  Hiring on a junior advisor can make all the difference on your work load.  Also, bringing in a someone from the next generation of advisors could bring a new perspective to your office and help you dive into new industry trends like social media* or going paperless.

Plan an Exit Strategy

Formulating an exit strategy goes beyond simply handing over your practice.  It is about having the right set of plans and the man power to continue strengthening your business’ value and longevity.  Not to mention, you and your clients both deserve a dedicated individual to tend to your customer accounts and relationships you have worked so hard to cultivate throughout the years.  That being said, set a goal to prepare a strategy for your firm’s future regardless of how certain it may appear.

Make an Industry Difference

With record numbers of financial professionals retiring from the industry at once, the lack of entering advisors is becoming a prevalent issue.  As this number continues to slow, it is more important now than ever before that seasoned advisors take the time to educate the new wave of industry hopefuls to help ensure the longevity of this indispensable industry.  Make your resolution to leave your legacy in financial services by mentoring an up and coming professional.

There you have it—three set goals to take on for the remainder of 2015 that will help your practice, as well as the industry, in years to come. As mentioned earlier, you need a plan to bring these resolutions to reality.  NEXT Financial Group, Inc. (NEXT) is ready to help you make this year your year through sponsorship in the Essential Lessons for Investment Training Excellence (ELITE) Program.  ELITE will provide you with the needed resources to train and mentor a program enrollee as they begin their career as a NEXT Representative.

Email the marketing department at to learn more on benefits of the ELITE Program and how your involvement can help your resolutions fall into the 8 percent of achieved goals.

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