Tips for Reaching New Year’s Goals

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Are you ready to reach your 2016 goals?Are you ready to reach your 2016 goals?

Although it has only been weeks since the start of 2016, we can all admit that many of our resolutions may be falling through the cracks already. While it can often be difficult to keep track of several resolutions at once, there are ways to help ensure your financial goals are staying top of mind. Read on to find out how you can help usher along your resolutions so they last well into the rest of the year.

Keep it Simple

Simplicity is key when it comes to long-term goals. When ideas start elongating into complex concepts that require multiple layers to accomplish, it becomes more difficult to see them through to the end. Try keeping your resolutions simple by narrowing them down to very specific goals.

This is not to say that having large and lofty goals is wrong, but that breaking those goals down into short-term objectives can help you get more done and keep those goals on track for success.

Stay Accountable

leadership conceptKeeping yourself accountable for your goals is imperative. Get support from friends, family or a business partner by letting them know what your goals are so they can help keep you accountable for reaching them.

Research shows that sharing your goals with others can help increase your chances of success. If you do not feel comfortable sharing or want to test run a goal before making it public, writing your goals down in a journal is also an effective way to keep yourself accountable.

Manage Expectations

It is always important to reach for the stars when it comes to your goals and New Year’s resolutions. However, managing your own expectations can help you set realistic timelines for your goals and prevent disappointment when things do not come together perfectly the first time.

If you have several large goals for the year, try splitting them up into a five-year plan and focus on one or two at a time. That way, your overall destination remains the same, but the steps you take to get there are manageable.

Get Help

Colors hands upSetting goals is easy – following through is the difficult part. Do not shy away from asking for help or getting a professional’s input to help you achieve your goals. Working with a professional financial advisor not only helps put your financial plan into perspective, but it can also help you attain your goals.

Advisors are focused on assisting clients achieve their dreams by looking at every financial aspect of their lives and putting the pieces together to help find a path that works for their families.

Never Give Up

Incredible things are seldom achieved on the first try. When things begin to wander from the path to your goals, try not to throw in the towel immediately. Sometimes, it may be important to reassess your goals and make adjustments as needed.

However, abandoning your goals at the first sign of defeat is not the answer. Make sure to consult with your financial professional if you find yourself questioning your goals or objectives.


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