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Top Qualities of an Effective Leader

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Leaders keep their team focused and tasks prioritized without jeopardizing standards that have been set in place.Leaders keep their team focused and tasks prioritized without jeopardizing standards that have been set in place.

Leadership is a large responsibility that requires an individual to have many traits such as patience, knowledge and intuition. Here at NEXT Financial Group, Inc. (NEXT) we have many great leaders that help our company thrive year-after-year. In honor of President’s Day, read below on some of the most prominent characteristics that our leaders here at NEXT possess.

Inspiration is Key

It is a leader’s responsibility to inspire their team to see the vision that they are all working toward.  Effective leaders set goals along the road to success in order to direct their employees and keep them inspired to strive for greatness. Whether leaders inspire individuals through granting praise or generating enthusiasm for the hard work being put forth, inspiration is key to a successful team.


For me, inspiring others is a fortunate, occasional by-product of my commitment to serve others. In every interaction with another person, I seek to leave them in a better place than I found them. I pray for God to grant me the wisdom each day to have the right words, actions and deeds to honor that commitment.

—Barry Knight, President of NEXT

Commit, Don’t Quit

Leaders should not only be committed to producing quality work, but to their team as well. Many of the best leaders do this by working alongside their employees to show them that they are a team player dedicated to working hard in every aspect of a project, from start to finish.


Commitment is not an obligation or even a sense of duty. Commitment is about being a part of something bigger than yourself, where the connection is more than just what is best for you alone, it is what is best for the whole endeavor. Through commitment, we discover excellence.

—Karen Eyster, Executive VP of Holdings

Creativity Paves the Way

Many industries are constantly evolving, requiring industry leaders to reinvent new ways to find success. Encouraging creative thinking can often result in fast, unique decisions that improve business models and productivity. Those who don’t embrace creativity often fall behind of industry trends and miss opportunities for company growth.


Creativity is not being afraid to make mistakes and to break established patterns .Get out of the box and you’ll see things differently. Just try not to make the same mistake twice.

—Peter Delehanty, Chief Marketing Officer

Positivity is Infectious

Great leaders keep the energy of their employees high by creating healthy, positive atmospheres to work in. Leaders that maintain a positive attitude often find that their employees are in good moods, resulting in an increase of productivity.


I truly believe that positive people help create positive outcomes.  I enjoy my team interacting and having a good time at work, and I always tell them that since we’re here more than at home, we may as well enjoy where we work and build a family atmosphere here in the office.

—Nina Lacy, Commission Manager

Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty is a trait that all leaders need to gain both trust and respect from their employees and fellow co-workers. Leaders set examples on a daily basis, and those who act in an honest manner will most likely have a transparent, honest team that follows the code of ethics set in place.


Honesty is the underpinning of a leader’s credibility and moral character. An honest leader builds trust and respect and sets a positive example for the people he/she leads.

—Leslie Jallans, Chief Compliance Officer

Leaders keep their team focused and tasks prioritized without jeopardizing standards that have been set in place. This means balancing what is needed to get work done with the appropriate amount of time to complete projects. In order to do this, some leaders inspire their employees while others use positivity and encouragement to meet deadlines. However you motivate you team, remember that leadership is a large responsibility that can always be improved upon.

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