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These three simple changes to your LinkedIn strategy can add some power to your page and maximize your social media presence.These three simple changes to your LinkedIn strategy can add some power to your page and maximize your social media presence.

The need to cultivate a social media presence has greatly increased for businesses in the last few years. While Facebook and Twitter each have their place for business owners, LinkedIn is prominently where prospecting is done and professional connections are made. For entrepreneurs in the financial industry space, making these connections is extremely valuable, and luckily, LinkedIn has made utilizing its platform simple. The following steps can help you start maximizing your LinkedIn presence and do some social media spring cleaning.

1. Take Full Advantage of Your Profile Space

Your LinkedIn profile is equivalent to a digital resume, so make sure to treat it with the same care and consideration. LinkedIn offers a wide variety of profile-optimizing sections such as your summary, experience, skills, education and volunteer work. Make sure to fill in everything that you are able to create a more robust and complete profile. Background photos are also a feature that can be utilized to add a personalized element to your profile, bringing extra character to your page.

2. Use a Recent, Professional Photo

cameraWhile LinkedIn is primarily a professionally-oriented space, it is still a social network. Incorporate an element of your own personality by uploading a professional photograph of yourself that is unique and expresses who you are. Make sure to wear professional-looking attire, but do not feel obligated to stick to a simple black background or rigid angle. Your photo should allow viewers to get a glimpse of your personality.

3. Assess Your Profile Strength and Adjust

One unique element LinkedIn offers its users is the ability to detect your profile’s strength.

profile strength

LinkedIn profile strength meter.

When you are logged in, look to the column on the far right side of the page. At the top near your profile image, there will be a profile strength meter.

LinkedIn’s algorithm will continually tell you what you can add to your page to take it to the next level every time you log in until you reach All-Star status.

These three simple tips can help you take your LinkedIn page to a new level this spring. Try incorporating all of them into your strategy one at a time or all at once – whatever works best for you and your marketing strategy. The most important thing to remember is to always take steps to try new things and keep your page fresh.

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