In this issue of NEXT News: Web Security: Advisor Achievement Program (page 12); Are You On Board With Digital Marketing (page 25); Checklist For Improving Customer Relationships (page 36); Protect Your Business From Cybercrime (page 42); "The NEXT Family Cookbook" Gives Back (page 30); How To Prepare For Retirement Beyond Finances (page 48); Social Security Tips (page 50); Why Financial Advisors Are Essential (page 52).

In this issue of NEXT News: Web Security: What You Need to Know (page 14); Kick Start 2015 With NEXT's ELITE Program (page 16); The G-Team: NEXT's Commitment to Growth (page 22); Power of the Press (page 32); Building Relationships With Customers (page 30); Practice Management New Year's Resolution Checklist (page 38); Your Answers to Social Media (page 43); Discover Your Unique Marketing Strategy (page 50).

With new tax changes taking effect in 2014, the need for financial advice grows. Also in this issue: FSI – Your Voice In Washington (page 12); NEXT's ELITE Program (page 30); Baby Boomers – The New Face Of Retirement (page 36); Millennials – Cracking The Code (page 46).

In this issue of NEXT News: Marketing Mastermind – Glenn Scharf (page 5); Back to Basics (page 22); NEXT Financial Group, Inc. Broker-Dealer of the Year (page 11); Experiential Marketing (page 29).

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