Ten to Watch: Doug Ketterer, Founder, Atria Wealth Solutions

Wealth Management

September 13, 2017

Getting a new company off the ground is difficult—even more so when you don’t have office space.

So when Doug Ketterer, until 2015 a long-serving executive with Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, and his two partners were brainstorming business ideas, they had to be creative. Their workdays would rotate among any of the large, indoor public spaces—atria, if you will—nestled among the corporate office towers of midtown Manhattan.

Out of those meetings came the aptly named Atria Wealth Solutions, an investor in independent broker/dealers. “It’s very personal to us,” Ketterer says. “We also like an atrium because, architecturally, they’re vibrant, there’s traffic, they’re exciting, there’s hustle and bustle, they’re energetic, there’s a lot of activity going on, but at the same time, you’re safe and protected.”

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