Atria Launches Unio™ Featuring Business Texting

Atria Wealth Solutions

February 6, 2020

New advisor platform built to deepen the advisor-client connection 

NEW YORK – February 6, 2020 – Atria Wealth Solutions, Inc. (Atria) today announced the launch of its new advisor platform – Unio™, featuring Business Texting. The platform is available to more than 1,300 advisors at Atria’s subsidiary broker-dealers CUSO Financial Services, L.P., Sorrento Pacific Financial, LLC, and Cadaret Grant & Co., Inc. Unio™ is expected to be rolled out to other Atria entities by year-end. 

Derived from the Latin meaning to unite, Unio™ is forged from cutting-edge ideas from some of the industry’s leading platform experts and is meticulously crafted to enrich and strengthen the relationships advisors have with their clients. Hundreds of advisors influenced Unio™’s development through design review and feedback sessions. They also participated in a hands-on pilot program to ensure that, at its core, Unio™ works to help advisors scale their businesses and deliver an exceptional client experience. The Unio™ platform includes critical features that advisors need, including CRM, robust reporting, customizable pages, workflow and much more all brought together in a unified way. 

Business Texting is the first of many exciting features to be delivered through the Unio™ experience. “Texting was an obvious first choice feature within Unio™,” said Eugene Elias, Jr., COO and Co-Founder of Atria. “Each capability we look to include must meet certain criteria – does it improve the advisor-client connection? Does it make it easier for an advisor to do business? Does it provide the advisor with a competitive advantage? This is how we think. We are ultimately driving our business and platform experience to be personalized, fast, easy, and connected. Unio™ and the feature sets within it, do just that.” 

Fully integrated within the Unio™ experience, the new texting feature allows advisors to not only engage more easily with their clients but foster deeper relationships with them. Examples include touching base during volatile markets, acknowledging meaningful life events and sending meeting reminders. It is another valuable touchpoint for client engagement. Each text message is captured and archived in a record of all correspondence between the advisor and their client. 

“Business Texting has made a massive impact on my business,” said Brandon Handy, an advisor affiliated with CUSO Financial Services, L.P. “It’s one of the many ways my clients want to connect, and it’s made doing business so much easier. I almost always receive an immediate response from my clients. What used to take me hours or days can now take minutes. The ability to text is a huge uplift for my entire business.” 

Business Texting will be followed by the release of many exciting new capabilities such as a CRM tool, business analytics, streamlined account opening, personalized dashboards and more. 

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About Atria Wealth Solutions, Inc. 

Atria Wealth Solutions, Inc. (Atria) is a wealth management solutions holding company focused on delivering a clear path to the future of financial advice for advisors and their clients. Headquartered in New York City, Atria’s broker-dealer subsidiaries empower financial institutions and independent advisors with a sophisticated set of tools, services, and capabilities that drive growth. Atria’s broker-dealer subsidiaries include CUSO Financial Services, L.P., Sorrento Pacific Financial, LLC, Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc., and NEXT Financial Group, Inc., which together support nearly 2,000 financial advisors with more than $65B of assets under administration. For more information, please visit 

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