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The secret to growing your business is engaging clients on your value and promoting your purpose to prospects. And because that is a full-time job, there’s Amplify. A collaboration between Atria and advisor-marketing pioneer, FMG, Amplify delivers a turnkey catalog of campaigns for strengthening relationships and building your brand. Sound good?

Omnichannel Strategy.

Streamlined Delivery.

  • Amplify helps you market through a variety of mediums:
    Email | Social | Video | Articles | Infographics | Presentations | Greeting Cards & More
  • Single Sign-On straight from Unio®
  • Simplify compliance with one-click approval, saving you time and getting you to market quickly.
  • Amplify streamlines integration with FMG’s user-friendly websites and the leading CRMs for added time-savings.

In Demand Content – On Demand.

Check out Amplify’s content library of the topics that matter to clients and prospects. Choose from emails, social media and more —  then customize the materials content to your brand.
Its marketing made easy.


Stay timely. Anytime.

Any number of things can impact your clients’ financial plans. Amplify makes it easy to share updates on market news, legislative changes and trends  — and reassure your clients that you are managing their strategy with the latest insights.

Amplify Has Saving Time with Compliance Down to a Science

Amplify’s creativity isn’t limited to content. When you create a new email or update an existing communication, the platform sends it directly to your compliance department’s inbox, streamlining your approval process. The result is more time back in your day and you getting into market in no time.

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Stay Front and Center. Automatically.

Tap into Amplify’s upgrades and boost your client experience with a responsive website and other automated marketing initiatives.

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Amplify App-solutely

Download the Amplify App from Apple or Google and manage your marketing in a tap or two.

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Now’s The Time to Turn Up Your Marketing Volume.

Let’s chat about turning Amplify and the Atria Marketing Suite into sound connection advice for your business.