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Atria was founded because something in our industry was being forgotten. We simply believed that with all the latest trends and technology, people lost sight of the greatest advantage financial professionals have: a real, personal connection to clients and members.

Because at its core, wealth management is people helping people. And when life events create financial anxiety, empathy and understanding can be a powerful part of the plan.

So we’ve built our firm to help you be ready. For the people you serve. For their families. For real life.

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The relationship comes first. Always.

Every part of our business flows from this idea. Technology. Products. Support. It all has to strengthen the link between financial professionals and the people they serve. Because the right advice is best delivered when you truly understand their lives.

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Technology should be practical. And personal.

We’ve developed award-winning tools that are about more than impressive-sounding bells and whistles. Everything is designed to make a real difference in your team’s day-to-day. Because making financial professionals more capable, available, and valuable to their clients and members is what it’s all about.

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You will be heard here.

You have the on-the-ground perspective. What’s working and what isn’t. That’s why your feedback is not only invited, but what we count on to move forward. Turning input into action is an everyday activity here.

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There’s a right size for responsiveness.

Resources matter. But so does agility. That’s why we keep those in balance. Delivering all the capacity you need to work at your best, while staying nimble—so you won’t get lost in the shuffle.

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Helping you grow starts with knowing you.

The depth of relationship you want with your clients and members is what you can expect from us. At our more personal scale, we get to know the financial professionals in our network—so we’re better equipped to help them build more value in their practice or program. Cookie-cutter advice won’t cut it. We’ll give you real guidance based on your real needs.

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"We believe there is nothing in this industry more sacred than the financial professional-to-client relationship."

Doug Ketterer CEO and Founding Partner

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