The Rising Necessity of Personalized Wealth Management

Headshot of Brian Bichler

Brian Bichler, Co-Head of the FI Channel and Head of Platform Experience

December 18, 2023

In today’s evolving financial landscape, the shift toward personalized wealth management is a prerequisite to helping clients achieve their unique economic aspirations by aligning with their values. Individual clients reflect diverse needs and aspirations and expect their financial professionals to know them all. This diversity underscores the mounting significance of personalization within the industry.


Personalization involves tailoring a client’s experience to match their unique needs and preferences. This can include factors like their lifestyle, investment preferences, communication preferences and how often they want to be in touch. Wealth managers can use highly personalized strategies to help clients achieve their financial goals without making the process more time-consuming for a large number of clients. Research shows that these personalization strategies can boost client satisfaction by up to 30% and increase revenue by up to 15%.

Moreover, personalization encourages clients to actively participate in the investment process with a financial plan, enhancing their likelihood of achieving long-term financial milestones and engaging through simple yet sophisticated digital solutions such as Clear1. This tailored strategy grants clients greater autonomy, empowering them to comprehend their investments better and instilling more confidence in their financial decisions.

Consequently, most clients recognize the importance of personalized advice, with many willing to invest more for such services. Also, effective personalization strategies allow extra time for the financial professional and their staff to scale their offerings to additional clients. Such solutions offer substantial advantages to financial professionals and wealth managers, facilitating the establishment of robust client relationships and heightening client retention and referral rates.

Strategies for implementing personalization in wealth management

Implementing personalization in wealth management is a fusion of technology and insightful data analysis to achieve repeatable systems and a personal touch. Here are several strategies that wealth managers can employ to instill a deeper level of personalization in their services:

  • Utilizing technology: Technology and AI can be leveraged to assimilate and analyze data to craft personalized client experiences. Leading financial professionals in the Atria family utilize Unio to systematize their client processes (for example, measuring five touch points per month), Clear1 to promote their value digitally and deliver financial plans and Contour to open and administer advisory business in a timely and uniquely personal manner.
  • Client segmentation: Segmenting clients based on varied characteristics or requirements can enable wealth managers to fine-tune their services, catering to the specific demands of each segment. This can be determined by age, net worth, risk profile, referral history, facilitating customized communications and content delivery that aligns with each segment’s expectations.
  • Client engagement: Consistent and meaningful engagement can foster trust and a deeper understanding of their needs and goals. Regular interactions through varied mediums like texting, video conferencing, digital client appreciation events, newsletters, social media or webinars can enhance client engagement, fostering a stronger rapport and mutual understanding.


While some financial professionals are reluctant to embrace personalized strategies, possibly due to perceived complexities or costs, it’s important to note that we regularly offer training on these solutions at our ENGAGE conferences and workshops — and we can help you every step of the way.

As we move forward, our dedication to offering the best solutions becomes even more evident through our investments in hyper-personalized experiences within Unio. By combining the power of AI with human connection, we are committed to enriching the understanding and achievement of individual financial goals and situations for both current and next-generation clients.

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